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Brew On Premises (BOP)


Diving Dog BrewmasterWe provide you the recipes, ingredients, and instruction to brew and bottle your own beer. We have over 20 recipes covering all of the major styles. You choose a recipe, brew your beer (while quality testing other beers), and then your beer ferments onsite in a temperature-controlled room for a few weeks (with timing dependent on the style chosen). The beer is then filtered, carbonated, kegged, and ready for your follow-up bottling appointment.

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Bottling at Diving DogAfter your beer has fermented you get to bottle and cap your beer. Each brew session produces approximately 6 cases of 12/22oz bottles of  your beer.* We will schedule your bottling session approximately two weeks after your brew session (please note that due to limited space, we cannot store beer onsite for extended periods of time). Diving Dog will also guide you through the bottling process at your follow-up appointment.

*Note: Final quantity of beer brewed is an approximation. Beer available for bottling may vary due to a variety of factors.

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Custom Labels

Diving Dog Custom LabelsPrior to your bottling appointment, you can submit a graphic for use as a custom label on your bottles. Note that the brew session includes four sheets of custom labels (six labels per sheet) with additional sheets available for an additional charge per sheet.

Design your custom label and submit it in jpg. or jpeg. format at least 1 week ahead of your bottling appointment. We will print your custom label on 4″ x 3″ weatherproof bottle label (please make sure your design fits within the label size).

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Schedule your Diving Dog AppointmentThe Brew-On-Premises (“BOP”) is available through our online scheduling calendar.  Sessions start at 11:30 am, 12:00 pm, 2:30 pm and 3:00 pm. Given the level of staffing and other preparation required, brew sessions are only available per the calendar and walk-ins are not possible at this time. Please provide cancellation notice at least 48 hours in advance if you are unable to make your session.

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Bring your Group to Diving DogThe brew session provides a great event. Birthday? Team building? Thursday? We have you covered. While the actual brewing is best experienced if two people man (or woman) the kettle, you are more than welcome to bring a large group with you to enjoy the rest the Diving Dog has to offer. If multiple people would like to brew, multiple kettles (up to six) are available.

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Diving Dog PricingA single brew session is $350, which includes the recipe, ingredients, coaching, equipment, bottles, the bottling session, four sheets (2 cases) of custom labels, and of course the resulting in an estimated 5 to 6 cases of 12/22 oz bottles (approximately a keg). Bragging rights are yours to keep.

*Brew groups of 6 or more individuals, or a group with 2 or more kettles will have an automatic gratuity of 18% applied to their bill.

*Brewers are welcome to bring their own ingredients, with advance notice, to augment their brews, however, no discounts or credits will be applied with the exception of bottles or kegs when picking up their beer.

*All appointments require a credit card deposit to hold the brewing appointment. However, the online credit card deposit does not constitute payment for the brew session. Payment is due at the end of the session on the brew day.

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